Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dry Lips...?!

As most of you know, it's winter in Southern Africa and possibly for a lot of us that means dry lips... aaarrrgghhh! Try putting lipstick over that = major disaster! And hence the reason for this post.

I thought it would be nice to share a few remedies to tide us through. So, other than the usual go to the drugstore and get yourself some lip balm etc.. There are other ways to assist the process and allow your lip balm to do it's job properly.

Lip Scrub:
You can choose to go buy one or make one yourself at home, here are a couple of recipes that have proven to be quite nice.

~ mix sugar, a bit of fresh lemon juice and olive oil (the oil with help to moisturise your lips, sugar will exfoliate all the dry dead skin & lemon juice will help to even out any dark patches)

~ honey, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and olive oil

Lip Brush:
So just the same way you get the facial brush (eg. Clarisonic etc) you can buy yourself a baby toothbrush or soft bristle toothbrush and use that to exfoliate the dead skin off your lips. Haven't personally tried this method and if I ever decided to would have to get some nice labels and a high cabinet/shelve (motherhood - go figure)!

Do you have any chapped lip remedies that you've found to be effective? What is your go-to lip balm that you just cannot live without?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge ~ week 4.. The Conclusion

I can't believe this is the last post already.  The 28 day #ChangeYourSkin challenge with Kiehl's has come to an end and it has been an easy, non-complicated journey.
I was really impressed with the Kiehl's skincare range I received. It was easy to use, the scent of the products was really non-existent and in the Midnight Recovery Concentrate it was super soothing. The formulations were light, easy to decant, quickly absorbed into the skin and left no residue. I truely couldn't ask for more when it comes to skincare products.

Now if you know me well, no review is complete without a little ingredient analysis! So here it goes...

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution:

~ first ingredient "aqua/water" this! doesn't require an explanation, there could be no better way to start an ingredient list. Water = hydration and we all need it.

~ propylene glycol - attracts moisture to the skin and helps to keep it supple.

~ glycerine - a great ingredient. This is a humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin.

Kiehl's Hydro-Plumping Re-texturising Serum Concentrate:

~ first two ingredients are aqua and glycerin, as mentioned above, this is all about hydrating the skin, keeping the skin plump and supple.

~ dimethicone - this is a type of silicone that protects the skin, helps the product to glide onto the skin more easily and lubricates the skin surface.


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:

~ caprylic/capryic tryglyceride, this is derived from coconut oil and glycerine. This helps to nourish, moisturise and replenish the skin. We know this skin does most of its recovery at night and what better way to assist it than with this type of ingredient 

~dicaprylyl carbonate, this acts as an protective film on the skin, and enhances the skin's own lipid/oil layer. This also gives the product the light non-greasy feel.

~ squalene, this is an super antioxidant - it protects the skin from free radicals, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and mimics your skin's lipid layer and helps restore it's balance.



Would I recommend these products? Yes, definitely, if you are serious about skincare and looking after the health of your skin, this is the type of product you need to go for!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge ~ Week 3

And... I have come to the end of week 3!! Still on top of my regimen and loving the products as much as I did on day one.

Today, as I was preparing to take my update pictures, it actually dawned on my that my skin is possibly in the best condition it's ever been in during the winter time. Funny how I am quick to forget the usual reaction/state of my skin when it's in a not so great place, and take it for granted when something is protecting and improving it. If that mouthful makes sense... Ordinarily, in winter, my skin doesn't tan evenly and tends to look "patchy" and uneven. I think this could be caused by the constant need to warm oneself and taking every opportunity to bask in the gorgeous winter sun, not sure...

This time round it has been consistent and has shown a gradual improvement and even distribution of pigment. I'm really impressed. 

Without further adieu, here are the update pictures - a comparison between week 1 and now:

Week 1

Week 3

Friday, 10 July 2015

Feso ~ Hair Growth Update!

Just thought I'd drop by quickly to update you on the progress I've made with the all natural, hair growth product, Feso, I told you about here.

At first I thought I was seeing no difference until I went back to the first pictures I took before I started using the product. You must know, this hairline thing, has been a long term issue I've had thanks to having super fine hair. I have tried sooo many products to get my edges back and nothing has worked.

The pictures below show progress after 4 weeks, I did skip a week as I was really hectic and it didn't cross my mind to apply it. Let me know if you see the difference...

Monday, 6 July 2015

Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge ~ Week #2

The progress continues... it's week 2 already and I must say I'm still very happy as my skin continues to show improvement! Consistency is key when it comes to skincare - stick to the regime and it will pay off.

It's a picture heavy post this week, but I'm hoping you too will notice the difference.

The blank canvas that challenged Kiehl's to bring it to life!

Week 1:
I chose the wrong colour t-shirt to wear and wondered why my pics looked weird, apologies. But here I could see my complexion was starting to even out a bit and look a lot brighter.

Week 2:
I can see more colour in my cheeks, it's winter and ordinarily skin tends to look more dull and sallow!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Kiehl's Skincare Challenge ~Week #1

It's been a week already since I started enjoying my Kiehl's products. This is just a quick update to let you know how it's been going and to share my observations.

The Routine
It has been very easy to stick to the routine both morning as night as the products are so quickly absorbed into the skin. I have been using the products, in order, as follows:

♤ Morning
Hydro Plumping Re-texturing Serum Concentrate Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

♤ Night
Hydro Plumping Re-texturing Serum Concentrate Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Midnight Recovery Concentrate

My Observations 
My skin is beautifully plumped out and feels smooth and supple. You will notice if you check my start pictures here that the dryness/flakiness on my upper lip area is completely gone. The fine lines on my forehead also appear so much better than before too. There is general "glow" showing through, my skin looks far more alive than it ordinarily would in winter.

Comparison pictures

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Nioxin Dermabrasion ~ Facial for the scalp!

I happened to be at the right place at the right time for this one. At work, when I was asked to sit in as a model for a group that was being trained on Nioxin. The treatment I was give was the dermabrasion and here is process I went through.

Firstly, I was given a consult, asked my concerns etc. And then onto a scan of scalp, that was rather interesting. It magnified the scalp by 200, so we could see every follicle, hair density and strand width. They were able to point out my problem areas, which I had not actually taken note of before, eg. My nape - showed the hair in that area had a thinner strand width compared to the rest of my scalp.

A couple of possible reasons they gave me, was maybe because it's winter and with constant wearing of scarfs and high collars, there was constant friction which may be causing the issue.

When that was done, an application of the dermabrasion treatment massaged onto the scalp and left to sit for about 10 mins. The purpose of the treatment being to rid the scalp of build up, dead skin cells, debris and dirt - as well as to allow any trapped hair to come through freely.

The treatment was washed out, conditioner applied as well as a leave-in treatment. Then a second round of scalp scanning took place. The difference was visible immediately and it was easy to see signs of increased blood circulation to the scalp. A cleaner and healthier looking environment.

There is so much I could say about this treatment but to keep it reasonably short, this was an amazing treatment, if not, for nothing more than removal of dead skin, better scalp health and allowing of after care products to penetrate better!

Have you used any of Nioxin's products before? What was your experience like? Do share below...