Friday, 27 March 2015

Cinderella! with Morgan Taylor

On Wednesday I had the privilege of attending the Cinderella movie premier, at Nu Metro Monte Casino, hosted by Sparkle Cosmetics SA and what a spectacular event it was! From the invite being delivered by a "handsome prince" to the warm welcome, from sparkling champagne to glittery decor, from manicure pamper stations to a mini dress up photo station, it truly was a scene set for a Cinderella and no detail was spared.

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy Morgan Taylor nail polish range, this is one brand you must try. The polish range is extensive, and thankfully they make life easier for the indecisive, like me ,by coming up with seasonal ranges, like the Cinderella range that's out right now. The application is smooth, dries a lot faster than most brands out there, and lasts as long as your lifestyle allows.

For more information, check out their website here otherwise enjoy a snapshot of the experience below. Have you tried the Morgan Taylor range, and what we're your thoughts? Do share in the comments section below.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dark armpits?

I know a number of people who have major issues with dark armpits, especially because it give the illusion that one hasn't removed their armpit hair. Today, I thought it may be interesting to discuss a few techniques you could try in order to set this issue straight.

What causes dark armpits in the first place?
There can be a number of different causes for this:

  • allergies/sensitivity: maybe to the hair removal cream you're using, or to roll-on/deodorants with alcohol or an ingredient called Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY
  • waxing: creates heat and possibly lifts off a little more than the dead skin layer upon removal
  • shaving: also, by possibly pressing a little to hard and shaving off a little more that the dead skin, possibly using the wrong type of shaving stick, or as a result of little cuts you get each time you make a wrong move
  • ingrown hairs

What can you do to try and fix it?
  • laser hair removal: which is not always an affordable option but well worth the investment and you'll never have to shave afterwards
  • try using an epilator, this plucks the hair from the root and does damage the skin's surface eg. Phillips has a number to choose from
  • try using deodorant/roll-on with no alcohol or for sensitive skin eg. The Body Shop or Nivea etc
  • exfoliate your underarms twice a week to get rid of the dead skin and encourage new brighter looking skin to come to the surface - some people use baking soda for this (refer to my previous post on bicarb here)
  • rub your underarms with a lemon slice, after taking a shower at night
  • try sugaring (it's a form of hair removal, similar to waxing but more gentle)
  • underarm lightening deodorant/roll-on 
Do you have issues with dark armpits? What have you tried and did it work? Leave your comments below :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Journey through scar management... 2

The journey goes on, and as mentioned in my previous post, here, I said would share exactly the benefits of ScarScience and of Near-Infrared.

ScarScience is a scar treatment in the form of a gel, and to get the most benefit should be used in conjunction with micropore tape. The tape is applied over the scar and the gel is applied over the tape, twice a day. By applying the gel over the tape, it helps keep the gel on the area for longer without necessarily rubbing off, and allows increased absorption. The tape is left on for 5 days or until it lifts off, whichever happens sooner. The gel and tape combination is to be used for 2-6 weeks and thereafter the gel is used alone for up to 6 months or until the scar has healed.

With regards to Near-Infrared (NIR) this is an amazing treatment used especially for its healing properties. So for example, sports injuries/massage, arthritis, skin tightening, non-surgical face lifts... The list goes on. This laser treatment heats up the fluid and tissue in the dermis, which causes the fibroblasts to react by increasing collagen production, dermal regeneration and elastin re-knitting.  This makes for a brilliant skin tightening, cellulite and scar repairing/healing treatment. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

A journey through scar management!

I thought this would be an interesting "case study" post you may be interested in. We all get scars we don't care too much for,  or are faced with situations where scars are an inevitable end result.

In December a close friend had 'elective' surgery done - I say elective as is was not necessarily for a severe medical issue, but something she had promised herself she would do for a very long time. (More about the actual procedure will come in a separate post).

Scars were an obvious end result as it was quite a big op, and in making the decision whether to go through with it or not, scars turned out to be the minor side effect she was willing to live with - the positives far out-weighed the negatives.

So, the journey through scar management will involve a series of posts, where I will update you every second week, how her treatments are progressing and the results she's experiencing. The treatment protocol involves a combination of ScarScience Gel and Near-Infrared laser (NIR).

To keep it short and easy to digest I will explain exactly how she's using the scar gel and how the pain-free NIR laser works, as well as both their benefits.

All NIR treatments are to be had at The Laser Beautique and for more information please click here or call +2711 440 7611 for information on the branch nearest to you.

Here is a before picture at 11 weeks post operation #tmi sensitive but "educational":

NB: This series is based on personal experiences and is in no way sponsored or initiated by The Laser Beautique. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Laser for Tattoo Removal

Last year sometime, I had the opportunity to train with someone from one of the world's biggest and best aesthetic equipment manufacturers. I'm very thankful to have a job in the industry my passion lies.

That said, one of our modules was tattoo removal, and I managed to get in depth training and knowledge on the treatment a day technicalities thereof.

Hands up those that are not so satisfied with the decision to tattoo your now ex partner's name some place on your body?! Be honest now... being in this interesting industry I have come across a number of people who thought they were stuck with the above scenario and others who regretted tattoos the had had inked just the previous day.

I had the opportunity to walk the journey of tattoo removal with a friend. She had black writing inked into her wrist,and sadly the meaning held memories she did not care to remember. It was an extremely emotional journey, and a decision made after much thought - almost a release of something that was holding her back from moving get forward in her life. As an aesthetician my role was to reassure that the procedure was safe and technology the best that is available on the market.

A couple of facts on the procedure:

* first and foremost is to find a reputable and we'll qualified establishment!
* go for an aesthetic clinic where the treatment is carried out by a medical professional or  that is supervised by one
* some anesthetic cream was used - Emla, applied, covered in cling wrap to avoid evaporation and left on for an hour before treatment
* black/blue/green ie. dark tattoos are easier to remove than say red/yellow
* professional tattoos take longer to remove than "amateur" tattoos, as the pigment is placed deeper into the skin
* scarring/pigmentation is a possible side effect
* more sessions are needed for darker skin types
* average number of sessions is about 10
* it's a gradual process, where the laser breaks down the pigment into smaller particles which can easily be absorbed by the body

For more information please click here or contact SK:N Clinic +44 21 5678 100

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Treat yourself to a spa day at Copperleaf Spa & Gym!

Ever run out of ideas on a good way to spend a Saturday, other than mall trotting? Well I think I may just have stumbled upon something...

I spent the day, with a good friend, at Copperleaf Spa & Gym in Centurion. We took an early morning drive out (08h00 on a Saturday morning, considered early to me), and made it, with time to spare, for our deliciously long list of treatments. We were booked in for a gorgeous package, that kept us well occupied until 16h00,  which included the following:
  • Full body warm sugar exfoliation 
  • Full body chocolate wrap
  • Full body Swedish massage 
  • A facial
  • Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure
  • Icing on  this cake.... lunch
Firstly the spa is set in a golf estate just 30 minutes drive from Sandton, with scenery you just cannot describe. It's an immaculately neat and organised setup, where from the minute we stepped in, we felt like VIPs,  from professional and friendly staff, to a thorough consultation, from a relaxing ambience to a selection of complimentary beverages, customised sweets, gowns and slippers - attention to detail - they've sure hit the nail on the head. What more is one looking for in a spa experience?! 

Quite often one feels slightly short changed when purchasing spa packages, as either the treatments feel rushed, or as if there are some short cuts being taken. Rest assured this was not the case with this spa, the treatments were thorough. I'm ordinarily not one to relax to the point of sleeping, but caught myself wide-mouthed snoring on several occasions (yes, embarrassing, I know). We were made to feel welcome, the atmosphere was warm, I died a blissful death!

Price wise, it's not the cheapest of places, but, you do get every penny's worth. Quality, for me, is most certainly worth paying extra for. I would highly recommend Copperleaf Spa as a nice one-day destination, with the girls or with your other half, you will not regret a second.

The facilities: golf course, café (the food was yum!), sauna, steam room, swimming pool & hair salon (which were under construction and expected to be open by end of March), double and single treatment rooms as well a mani & pedi lounge. I'm almost certain there's a facility or two I may have left out... If you're all about lifestyle then this is for you!

Keen to know more, click here.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Review: Lancôme Visionnaire Cx Advanced Skin Corrector

I was recently sent a product to try. And if you know me very well, you are aware that I have minimal appreciation for products that are not sold by dermatologists or specialised skin therapists #hides

So my biggest skin issue has always been my enlarged pores, which are on the top part of my checks and nose (they almost look like freckles) as well a bit of pigmentation on my upper lip (due to "the pill").

The product I received was Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, at first glance my thoughts were "this is awesome" a product that promises to re-texturise the look of skin, refine and correct the appearance of wrinkles, pores and uneven skin. Exactly what I needed and am always willing to put products to the test especially if they could potentially fix my issues.

The packaging was beautiful, and the serum was enclosed in an opaque coloured pump bottle which ensures that the efficacy and integrity of the formula is preserved. The only thing I would change about the bottle is that fact that you can't gauge how much product you have left as you use it, so maybe a very thin see through strip on the side some where would do well for that.

As always, I also read the back label for ingredients as I like to be well informed on what exactly I am applying to my skin. The first 3 ingredients were water, cyclohexasiloxane and glycerine. I was to happy with that, as it meant hydration, hydration and more hydration. I'm all about that!

On application the product glides on smoothly and was easily absorbed into the skin. It did not leave any residue whatsoever. I was determined to get the full effects of the product so I decided my routine would be cleanse & tone in one, apply the Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector and an SPF30.  (I wouldn't recommend this as a permanent regime, but I was not willing to take the chance with breakouts or any adverse effects occurring from mixing and matching of products - I prefer to use a product line in its entirety). Back to the serum... The scent was very light and flowery, not over powering at all.

I must say I have pleasantly surprised, one week of usage and I see a huge change, particularly to the size of my pores and skin texture. I would ordinarily give a quick glance to my cheek and nose area when getting ready each morning, but I have been taking more time to scrutinise just to make sure it's not my imagination! With regards texture there is just no second guessing, I'm being told more and more how beautiful and flawless my skin is looking! I'm excited to see after one month of constant use, day and night, just how much more improved my skin will look.

Would I recommend this product? You will know after a month :) lets give it time to come full circle.

Remember: yes the product was sent to me, but I wasn't forced to review it, neither was I paid to do so. This is my honest opinion on how it has been working for me and I wanted to share it with you! #justsaying