Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dealing with Cellulite using Lymphatic Drainage

As you know,  I'm always on a mission to find the latest, the greatest and the most different beauty treatment options that are available out there - trying them out, learning and getting as much information as I can and then sharing with you.

Last year sometime, I went into The Aesthetic Studio Sandton and had an lymphatic drainage treatment done. I wasn't really out to treat anything specific but was really fascinated by what they had told me about this interesting looking machine.

It was such a relaxing treatment, I even asked why I had not done it a million times before! In all honesty, I could have done with minimal of an hour, it felt that amazing.

It was simple and straightforward. No prep needed ahead of time, I simply arrived, lay on top of the bottom half of the pants, that look as long as a man on stilts at a circus - lol, and then got zipped up. Machine was set, and I was officially transported to massage paradise. The pants were first inflated, and then in some type of preset pattern gave my feet, legs and lower abdomen a "squeeze" starting from the feet, then releasing, to the calf, then releasing,  and so forth. It was seriously the best "non hand" massage I have ever had!

The treatment lasted 30 minutes and by that time my system had been so well stimulated that a run to the bathroom was urgent! 

By now you are probably wondering why? Remember your lymphatic system runs parallel to your your blood network, and this is the system that is responsible for drainage of toxins out of the body. What that means? It's a brilliant treatment for water retention aka odema, as well as for cellulite! Yes honey, cellulite - you know that area with poor circulation, feels cold when you touch it and sadly resembles hail damage! Stimulating circulation means the appearance of cellulite will be greatly improved. 

As always consistency is key. Degrees and types of cellulite differ, so there is no recommended number of sessions, it's all about your lifestyle, how you feel about the appearance and when you are satisfied with the results. 

What areas you can treat: arms, legs and lower abdomen. How much? Price is around R350 for 30 minutes, depending on where you go.

Do you have cellulite issues? What are you doing to try and treat it? Have you had this treatment before? Please share in the comments section below.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Skin Peels: putting your mind at ease.

As you well know, some sort or facial or skin peel is a key part of my skincare regimen. I highly recommend that if you are serious about changing your skincare game and reaping the benefits of your skincare products at home one of the two options above is a good place to start. Not only does it remove the dead skin from the surface of the skin, allowing your home care products to penetrative deeper and give you a better result,  but the treatments increase blood circulation = increased collagen and elastin production = anti aging and well conditioned skin.

I know a lot of people are hesitant when it comes to peels, but the technology has evolved so much over the years making them safe and effective for all skin types. The key to remember, always, is to go to a reputable establishment.

Different strengths of peels are available, from fruit acids to chemical peels, selected depending on the severity of the condition and results you would like to achieve. Peels can be used in combination too, this is to help speed up the result or the healing process of the skin. For example, you can have a peel in combination with an oxygen infusion facial. The peel to deeply exfoliate, and the oxygen facial to soothe and calm the skin, as well as speed up the healing process and deeply hydrate. There are a number of treatment combinations one can have with peels to help you achieve the result you require.

What skin issues you can treat using peels:
~ pigmentation
~ acne
~ dry skin
~ rough texture
~ scarring
~ general maintenance/anti aging
~ skin rejuvenation
~ dehydration
The list is really endless.

Is there downtime involved:
Thankfully nowadays, one can opt for a non-invasive peel with no downtime. For more severe cases there tends to be downtime of +- 7days (these types of peels are normally scheduled around your holiday time, unless you have the privilege of being flexible or a stay/work/school at home person).

Below are my after pictures, and as you can see it's not obvious that I've had a treatment, so can easily be done during your lunchtime if you are constantly pressed for time. My skin looks a lot brighter and radiant.

Ever had a skin peel or are you still not convinced? What are your concerns? What professional skincare treatments do you prefer? Are you religious about them and are you reaping the rewards you would like to see?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Eat yourself beautiful

Hoping the year has taken off to a great start for you all.. may it be the best year yet!
Now I know a lot of people tend to come up with new year's resolutions that involve losing weight, eating healthy etc.. and, yes, I have been guilty of that, but not this year, as I have never managed to keep the momentum going long enough to reap the rewards of success! So I figured, how about I put some ideas out there that are not a particular regimen to follow, but will contribute to your quest for wellbeing.
Hope they come in handy, and that some of the foods find their way into your shopping cart every time you remember.
Now, this super sweet fruit, which doesn't last a day in my fridge, packed with antioxidants like vitamin A & C, you know you will stay looking younger for longer! There are so many benefits to eating this fruit, it's known to be an anti-inflammatory, good for acne, removal of plaque from the teeth which leaves them a bit whiter, the list goes on...

Now this one I overdo, I know you are supposed to eat a handful or something like that a day, but I can't help myself. Nuts eg. raw almonds, pecan nuts etc, contain essential fatty acids, fibre and vitamins. From stabilising your mood, helping your system stay regular, to keeping your skin smooth and supple. Eating these as a snack, adding them to your cereal or blending them in your smoothies will put you one step ahead on your wellness game.

Red Meat
Enjoy a piece of steak every now and then? Well enjoy it, please, guilt free - all things in moderation though (saturated fat overload is a no no)! Red meat is a great source of iron. And having a good supply of iron means less hair shedding and better health of your locks in general. Also very beneficial to lady teens and women of child bearing age in general, and the protein helps build muscle and bones.

Other than it being a good source of zinc, potassium and selenium. Seafood is very well known for it's omega 3 fatty acids. Great for heart health, you need to be alive to live beautifully right! These fatty acids are also known as "good fats". So, good heart = good blood circulation = healthy skin = glow.. for decades!

While not directly linked to something "beauty," popcorn, the kind you pop yourself and not the one that's drenched in oil/butter and salt, is a great source of fibre, totally wholegrain and full of antioxidants. So try this as an replacement for crisps, it's crunchy, filling and holds a whole lot less calories - oh please let me lose a centimeter while at it!

Go ahead, I dare you to tell me these are not yummy foods that are far from the word "diet" - when talking directly about weight loss that is?!

Any other beneficial, good for you, stay beautiful, food ideas you can think of that we can add to our shopping carts? Please share below.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Don't forget "you" in your New Year’s resolutions!

If your New Year resolutions are well thought out and hold a world of promise for you, positivism will flow automatically. I have summed up a few New Year resolutions that you may wany to consider making in order to become more confident and beautiful than before.

Detox your makeup bag and appliances
As beauty addicts we find ourselves generously collecting products over time especially when it comes to makeup. Keep in mind that almost all cosmetics carry a shelf-life and, if not replaced on time, can be a cause of various health related problems especially for your skin.

Hence a regular make-up bag detox is imperative. Doing it annually is highly recommended. However, keep in mind that your mascaras need to be replaced every four months. In addition, invest your time in cleaning and maintaining you makeup brushes and tools. Wash them with lukewarm soapy water and dry them well. This way you will be able to use your beauty assets quite confidently without worrying about the cleanliness and associated issues. On the plus side, cleanliness enhances the life of your beauty tools.

Wear SPF Daily
Wearing SPF throughout the year is a necessity, never a luxury. Even in winters, never forget to use a quality SPF moisturizer. This will help keep your skin glowing and will also protect you from severe skin problems caused by the harsh sun rays. Say Hello! to a radiant skin this year.

Get fit 
The only way to carry your style with confidence is to get toned and physically fit. How about getting a membership in a gym? A piece of advice is not to restrict yourself to conventional fitness classes only. Make it real fun by participating in Yoga, dance and pilates. Learn to enjoy the time and you will never feel burdened and loaded. Again, it is a great time to relax and reconnect with your inner self. 

Update your beauty regime
If you’re using the same moisturizer you were using in high school, it is time to upgrade and improve your beauty regime. With advancing years, you definitely need an improved formula. Act your age and pick something that best fits your skin type and requirements.

Take a green challenge
Let’s go Green this year. Emphasize more on buying mote natural/eco-friendly products. This way you can play your role of responsibility towards the planet and positively impact on your overall health. Eco-friendly makeup and clothing lines aim to lead towards sustainable fashion practices. 

Curb your bad habits
Let go of your bad habits. They do nothing but add misery and sadness to your life. Try to inculcate more healthy and productive habits in your routine. For example, avoid putting off tasks, try to make a schedule for each day and adhere to it, revisit your entire day each night, and give yourself marks for productivity. The more you score, the more motivation you will find to reshape your life. 

Think positive 
And most importantly think optimistically. Practice ‘forgive and forget’ more often. Love yourself and spread love. The inner satisfaction brings out the natural glow on your face and you will definitely feel more confident, beautiful and powerful than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Have you got any generic, easy to adapt resolutions to add to the above - please share.

It's time to make your New Year resolutions for 2016 and work relentlessly to stick to them. Have a successful year ahead. Happy New Year!


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Easy Party Makeup Looks to get you through Christmas & NYE

New Year is just around the corner and, whether you are prepared or not, the time to bid farewell to the current year is near. So are you ready to welcome the New Year 2016 with enthusiasm and bliss? 

You must have quite a number of parties and festivities lined up with your friends and family. Everyone knows how important it is to look amazing on a Christmas or New Year party. After all, what better way is there to start a new year than to style yourself and feel amazing!! Use these hot and trendy makeup and styling looks and hit the New Year parties in flair.

Smokey Eyes
To complement the midnight dazzle, nothing beats the touch of smokiness on the eyes. The best part is that it does not need much time, money or effort to pull off this look. Invest in some quality Smokey eye shadow palette and you are just a few little tricks away from creating an amazing look perfect for the night out. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup subtle to have a defined look. A pinky-hued blush along with nude lip paint will look absolutely adorable and stunning.

smokey-eye-makeup-for-blue-eyes-tutorial.jpg (500×373)

Glitz It Up
Your eye makeup tells a lot about your personality and when it comes to a Christmas party or a New Year eve festivity, a little sparkle and glow works perfectly for the occasion. The ideal place to add sparkle to your styling it is your eyes. With glossy lip paint and metallic pink or plum hued blush, add some glitter onto your lid and have a spot on look this New Year eve.

black-glitter-eyes.jpg (530×710)                         

A Dark Pout
A red or dark toned pout is something no one can actually resist, especially around Christmas. Red is my all-time favorite; however you can play around deep berries too. Try to keep your eyes simple as making two dimensions bolder at the same time isn’t a good idea. Well-applied eyeliner, however, never hurts. To make your lip paint last longer, don’t forget to apply primer before applying your lip paint. You can add a coat of gloss to make your lipstick glow. 
riri.jpg (485×647)

To give your face a fresh, radiant look, pastels are the best choice. A rich hue of peach on your lips along with a lighter toned peach on the cheeks will make you blossom. Add little gloss and glitter-based eyeliner for the extra kick of glitz and glam in your look. the use of pastels is preferred for a day party. 

 Pastel-Spring-Makeup-Inspiration-42.jpg (550×701)                                      

Lustrous Lashes
To pull off those luscious eyes that you have always wished for, invest in some quality fiber mascara to add extra density and definition to your lashes. Pair this look with pink-hued lip color and soft pink cheeks to look all feminine and chic.

23F4W7B-PVN.jpg (800×431)                   

Magnificent Metallic
2015 was all about metallic and the same was witnessed on the ramps during the fashion weeks as well. To add that midas-touch to your look, let’s have some metallic makeup this NYE.
d49c0a3b68a6e74cba54297ca2980ef9.jpg (236×314)

Hair Do
Braids, curls, straight hair, twisted buns… all looks amazing based on your look, dress and personality. Be as creative as you want, play with your instincts and create a mesmerizing and amazing look for yourself.

 x5851.jpg (690×458)                 

Before the countdown begins, let’s get your makeup ready to rock your style this NYE. Have fun Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, 7 December 2015

My summer skincare ~ prepping ahead for the holiday season!

As we all know, southern Africa has really had usually hot weather, thanks to the El Nino/heat wave situation and with the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I should share what I have been doing to keep my skincare regime on top of things.
My homecare routine has stayed the same as I'm using the full Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Collection. A natural range based on the amazing hydrating/anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic acid. Please do let me know if you would like me to review the products in this collection.

So, other than homecare, I went in to have a skin scan at MediSculpt, an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic, just so I could gauge the condition of my skin, from the inside - and yes! it was shocking, just as much as it normally shocks me every other time I've been for one. I like to call the skincare reality check! Ideally, the percentages for every category should be between 70 - 100% to be considered good. Ah! give me strength, my pores have always been my biggest issue, although not visible to many, I have always known that. What was new for me was the wrinkles... I mean wrinkles what?! Noooo...
The aesthetician decided on a treatment protocol after having a look at the results of the scan: a peel was definitely on the cards, it had been a while, and that would deal with the issue of texture, as well as assist with stimulation of collagen and elastin. Immediately after, was the Intraceuticals oxygen facial, using the collagen booster. This was for the obvious, collagen stimulation, deep hydration, increased blood circulation and firming of the skin. A treatment combo was definitely what I need to reset my routine, get rid of dead skin cells and allow my home care to become even more effective.
I will be scanning my skin again in a month's time to make sure I'm on the right track and to adjust my regimen accordingly.

I'm hoping that this has been a thought provoking post for you, seeing the results of the skin scan always brings my skincare routine into perspective - for example, I ask myself, what is the purpose of using a particular product range when I'm not seeing results, am I getting good value for money, is the 'smell good factor' worth more than the 'active ingredients factor' and so on and so forth.
Keen to give the skin scan a try? Keen to have a peel, oxygen facial or the right product recommendation with results you can track? Maybe give MediSculpt a call on 0119582261 and be sure to share your experience.
Have you had a scan before or are you shooting in the dark? What was your experience, were the results as expected?
NB: I was not paid or asked to write this post, these are 100% my personal thoughts and as you well know, if you have followed me for a while, I always like to share good thing when I come across it - I blog because I'm passionate about beauty!

Monday, 30 November 2015

EIMI, hair colour - hair update!

Ever had one of those episodes, where you feel everyday is a bad hair day, even if it isn't, and you're just tired of your look and desperate for some sort of change? Well, that was me a few weeks ago and I decided it was time to colour or chop the hair - colour happened first!
I know now you're thinking, "oo your hair's going to be dry, oo it's going to fall out etc." But! Firstly, it was done by a professional... and I went into this with the intention of enjoying a change, my maintenance game will be strong and if anything happens it will grow back, right?!

So now you're possibly wondering what is EIMI and what does it have to do with any of this? EIMI is a new range of styling products from Wella Professionals - pronounced "eye-me". There are products to give volume, smooth, texture, shine & fixing hairsprays - something for everyong.
I'm really loving this product range I must say. On the day my hair was coloured, I was styled using the Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion as well as the Sugar Lift, Sugar Spray. Not only did my curly look last all week, but it didn't frizz up like it normally would, super voluminous and it still maintained good bounce and movement.
I got to take home, Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion, and I have used it every morning since. Not only is it genuinely lightweight like the name says, but it also leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturised. I have worn it on my curly hair and on flat ironed hair with the same great results and cannot rave enough about it.
Have you come across EIMI in your local salon? Which one of the range have you tried out, what was your experience like?