Wednesday, 30 September 2015

5 amazing lipstick shades for the chocolate girl!

Last week, I put this question out on Facebook "what makeup items do you buy on a monthly basis?" I got some interesting responses, from brow kits to lip liners.. it was very fascinating to read all the comments. Then came along this stunning young lady, who was part of the people who responded with "lipsticks"... not just a lipstick, she said lipsticks!!

It immediately rang a bell as something that might be of interest to share, it certainly was of interest to me, and she so kindly agreed to contribute to this post. My question to her was please tell me 5 of your favourite lipsticks, why, when and how do you choose which one to wear. Enjoy...

Between the glaring reds neon pinks I usually wear its easy for me to forget that Nude is actually a lipstick color that l also have. lts an amazing natural color to go for if you're someone that likes to be bare rather than bright.  Lipstick: Bare it all by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)

This was the first lipstick I ever owned, I love to call it daring! When l bought it was "for fun sake" and I would put in on and wipe it off. Then one day I just went for it and since then its become my "going out" signature lippie. I totally love it and I hope you'll too. Lipstick: Lavender Whip by MAC (retails around R210)

I love love this one! Its versatile I feel gorgeous in dark lips - its my wear to go lipstick l won't have to worry about what kind of makeup l have on or if I have any makeup on. If you're that 'no makeup' kinda gal, I tell you what, pick this hun its the best. Its a matte and stainy kinda lipstick. Lipstick: Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)
I've got my days for this one - super bright, yes?! I totally feel like a girly girl when I'm wearing it. Its also a long lasting lipstick and would recommend it to anyone who loves long wearing matte. Lipstick: Smoking Hot Pink by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)
This has the best texture and glides onto the lips when you apply it. This is my favorite lipstick of all time - in terms of colour and outfit combination. It's wearable with almost anything clothing item from brights to neutrals. Pick this for an everyday beautiful look! Lipstick: Heroine by MAC (retails around R210)
What are your favourite go-to lipstick shades?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Favourites: products I've been enjoying lately

Hi everyone. It a bank holiday here in South Africa, happy heritage day, so I have some time on my hands - no excuses - and decided this might be a fun post to do.

Here are some of the products I've really been enjoying recently, some have run out, some I need to repurchase and others are in the process. 

Have you tried any of these before, and what were your thoughts? Would you like me to do an in depth review on any one of the products, let me know in the comments section below...

Monday, 14 September 2015

Beauty tips for the doll on the road...

I was on my way from a meeting today, and it suddenly dawned on me that I'm constantly exposed to the elements as I work in job that requires a lot of driving from one client to the next. I have stuck to my usual beauty routine, but, somehow think it's time to evolve to a routine that better suits my daily conditions.
I'm sure a number of you can relate? SO here are my top tips for keeping the beauty game under wraps while travelling everyday:
* Sunblock
I cannot say this enough! One of the number one causes of ageing is excessive sun exposure.. and do I need to remind you of the dangers of skin cancer - I think not! Let reapply people, it must be done..
I know you're asking, "how does she expect me to do that when I'm wearing makeup" thankfully, a few brands have decided to come up with makeup setting mists which are not only hydrating & mattifying but offer an high SPF too! I also came across a brush-on sunscreen while having a brow, so jump onto Google and search away...
* Sunglasses
Invest in a good pair of UV filtering sunglasses (UVA & UVB). If you are constantly around water then you would want the polarised version as it reduces glare that bounces off surfaces like water or pavement. Besides, if you're not protecting your eyes from the rays, it means you're squinting... and if you're squinting, you're going to create a lekker set of frown lines... now who wants that?!

* Water
This is the best job when it comes to getting those 2 litres down! I am not a fan of water, because I'm a person who has to take meds daily, and people always said "only drink tablets with water".. I now associate water with medication and it makes it very hard to swallow (#TMI perhaps, but there's a little personal info about me). Back to it - water - you can spruce it up with lemon, cucumber, strawberries - whatever tickles your fancy. Hydration is key!

* Emergency beauty kit
Keep a little kit in your car, you can have wet wipes, tissue, lip balm, bubble gum (for those onion rings you ate at lunch), roll on, miniature perfume, etc... the list can be endless. There are always days we leave the house in a hurry or are caught in a situation that requires refreshing oneself. You can safely store this stuff in those mini cooler bags/lunch bags you get, it will keep stuff from spilling or spoiling if it's well organise.
* Healthy snacks
Another one for a little cooler bag. Carry some healthy snack with you, it's important to fuel your body, even if you're always on the go. If you choose to put in fresh fruit, don't forget to replenish or replace at the end of each week or I certainly don't want to be passenger in your car haha!

Did this post turn out to be 'mainly about sun protection? Ooops... well I guess it's that important then, and like I said at the beginning UV rays are one of the biggest causes of ageing!
Do you work in a job that requires you to spend a lot of time on the road? Please share some of your top tips with us below.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Sugaring ~ an hair removal method...

I'm not sure if you are aware, but sugaring has recently made a come back on the beauty treatments scene, and by special request I have an tell all interview that should give you a little more insight for you.
I spoke to a beauty student, who studied sugaring as part of her coursework recently, thank you so much Ilze van den Berg, for being so helpful.
Here are the questions I had for her:

What is sugaring?
Sugaring is an method to gently remove any unwanted hair on the body and dates back to ancient Middle East around 1900BC.

How exactly does it work?
You get a warmer, specially made for the sugaring that you use to heat the sugar. It has a lukewarm temperature on skin. The wax is then massaged onto the skin, against the direction that the hair grows and is gently removed.

Is it painful?
Not at all. Because the sugar does not stick to the skins cells, so when pulled it does not tear or remove the top layer which often causes redness and sensitivity.

Can you use it on all body areas including face?
Yes you can, it is so gentle it can be used to remove that very fine velous hair found on ladies faces aka fluff aka peach fuzz.

Why would someone choose sugaring over waxing?
Because it removes all the hair and you can go over an area until all the hair is completely removed (with wax you cannot go over the area more than 2 times). It is not hot on the skin and you cannot burn your client. It also removes hair as early as 2 weeks after it starts growing, where as with waxing you need about 1cm of growth which normally takes about 1 month to grow, in order to have a satisfactory treatment.

How does sugaring affect ingrown hairs?
Because the sugar is removed in the direction of the hair growth, as opposed to against the direction of the hair growth (as done in waxing) it minimises the chances of getting ingrown hairs.

How often can a person sugar?
Every 3-4 weeks. But if your hair grows really fast, you can sugar as soon as 10 days after.

Do the same rules as waxing apply to sugaring eg. Hair must be at least 1cm, no perfumes on the area etc?
Not all of them. But the general rules do apply, for example, no perfumed products on the area for  24 hours after sugaring; no exposure to direct heat eg. hot bath, sauna, sun for 48 hours after sugaring; you cannot sugar over sunburn, new scars, or broken skin.

Have you tried sugaring before? Does it sound like something for you? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying 50+

This is a seriously late post, I just cannot tell you why I didn't review this product for you sooner.

Shopping for and SPF is one of the biggest nightmares, especially for us, chocolate girls! I finally found the one SPF that does leave your face looking all grey like you've dusted yourself with baby powder, and neither does if leave your face with that oily, sticky tacky mess that you feel the need to blot with tissue paper!

This stuff is seriously amazing!!  And no, I haven't been paid to tell you this!

I actually got a sample, can't even remember where from, and I decided I would give it a try, and was pleasantly surprised, I used up the sample and popped in to Dischem to get myself a full sized version.

Now for the technicalities:
~ It's an SPF 50
~ It's been especially formulated for the face
~ It is a broad spectrum SPF, so protects you from both UVA (rays that are responsible for skin damage & aging) & UVB  (rays which are responsible for sun burn & skin damage) and both have the potential to cause skin cancer
~ Perfume free - love this, because it means you can use it on sensitive skin
~ The texture is quite runny so you have to be careful not to squeeze too hard
~ Perfect for your handbag, so you can reapply throughout the day
~ Comes in a 50ml squeeze bottle, which allows just enough product out and retails for R165

If you don't want to look and feel like and oil slick, then I highly recommend this product, it's well worth the try!

What sun protection products are you using, and how well are they working for you? Would love to read your comments below...

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's in your makeup bag ~ #3

Now this I found really interesting. This is from another friend of mine Tammy... I'm sure you can tell we are friend because if you read through this, she like me has a lot to say haha! Enjoy the light read through, and one more makeup bag will be coming up before the series closes xoxo
Q1. What's in your makeup bag and why?
- Wet wipes 
- Waterless hand sanitiser
- Cosmetic buds
- Tweezers
- Nail file
- Round cotton pads 
- Empty 5ml containers 
- Blister DCT
- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream

- MAC studio finish cream concealer (NW20)
- MAC mineralize fluid concealer  (NW20)
- MAC studio sculpt gel based foundation  (NW20)
- Sans Soucis BB cream (Natural)
- MAC mineralize foundation / loose  (Medium)
- MAC mineralize skin finish (Light Plus)
- MAC lip conditioner 

A variety of
- MAC eyeshadow
- MAC blusher
- MAC loose pigment
- MAC eyeliner
- MAC paints
- MAC lipstick
- MAC lip gloss

- Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara
- Sans Soucis 3D effect Mascara 
- Elizabeth Arden Brow Shaper and Eyeliner (Brunette)
- Smashbox eyeshadow palette  

Q2. Where did you get your makeup bag from and how long have you had it?
I've had this particular bag for almost four years now, it's from Forever New

Q3. Do you often go through your makeup bag and swop out any of makeup? If you do, how often and what makes you want to swop?
I don't swop out anything, I would however add to it... 

* I once received a Dior lipgloss as a gift - it was gorgeous!  Need to replace it.
* Bobbi Brown has shimmer bricks that are amazing. I love the Bronze Shimmer Brick (here's a tip: Bobbi Brown has useful empty containers in all shapes and sizes)

Q4. What is your favourite makeup item and brand?
MAC is my favourite brand. I don't have a favourite item per se.

Q5. If you were stuck on an island somewhere, what 3 makeup items would you not be able to survive without?
- BB cream / foundation
- Eyebrow Shaper
- Mascara 

And I would slip through my Mac lip conditioner!

Q6. How do you describe your makeup style?
I would describe my make up style as classic
What's in your bags ladies? Do share in the comments below...

Sunday, 9 August 2015

What's in your makeup bag ~ #2

I'm totally loving every minute of these reads, hoping you are enjoying them just as much.

Up next is my awesome new friend, Whitney, and I'm digging in her bag already...! (She has a blog too by the way, so please check her out here).

Q1. What's in your makeup bag and why?
* Revlon lipstick in Brazilian tan, I need a nude lippie for touch-ups during the day.
* M.A.C  nail polish in skin. I have a toddler so my hands are always busy doing things and my varnish often chips so I need to fix that up aswell.
* M.A.C  setting powder(incl brush), to control the oil that appears on my face due to life stresses
*Dexe lip balm. I hate chapped lips so I own maybe 7 lip balms that I switchout often.

Q2. Where did you get your makeup bag from and how long have you had it?
I have tons of makeup bags and one huge makeup case. I buy my makeup bag from anywhere as long as their pretty and girly lol This one I have now was sent to me from my bestie♡ I've had it for 2 months now.

Q3. Do you often go through your makeup bag and swop out any of makeup? If you do, how often and what makes you want to swop?
I rarely swopout unless I'm changing lip colour

Q4. What is your favourite makeup item and brand?
I absolutely love lipsticks. I'm obsessed with lips so definitely lipstick although eyeliner comes in a close second. My favourite brand,  especially for the lipsticks, is M.A.C especially the mattes lipsticks.

Q5. If you were stuck on an island somewhere, what 3 makeup items would you not be able to survive without?
* Eyeliner
* Lipstick
* Lip balm

Q6. How do you describe your makeup style?
I would definitely describe my makeup style as ”Natural Glam”. I love nude eyeshadows, lips and coral cheecks with perfectly lined eyes and a super splash of mascara. I love to look made up and fabulous but with natural earthy tones as I find this look easy to maintain and flattering. I do however make this look bold hence the glam part but neutrals and nudes do it for me.